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 XTone Magnetic Muscle Stimulation Machine

 The XTone uses non-invasive focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate the motor neurons of the muscles by intense electromagnetic energy bursts, which trigger the muscles to undergo high-frequency contractions. During the process of extreme contractions, some of the muscle fibers will break down, resulting in toning and strengthening of muscle fibers. This is the basis of the muscle fiber growth, and the production of new collagen chains which improves the overall appearance of the treated areas. While intense muscle contractions consumes a lot of energy, it also triggers breakdown of fat cell membranes accelerating reduction of unwanted fat deposits. Thanks to this dual impact, the MMS treatments are building muscle and burning fat simultaneously making it an excellent option for efficient, non-invasive body sculpting.  


9 Sessions (Initial Session + 2x/week for 4 weeks)  Package is for One Muscle Group $1000
18 Sessions (Initial Session + 2x/week for 4 weeks) Package is for Two Muscle Groups $1800