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Are you suffering from skin conditions or are worried about your wrinkles and fine lines? Have you failed to achieve the results you desire from conventional treatments? LED therapy could be the solution that you’ve been searching for.  LED light therapy is a painless and noninvasive alternative to traditional treatments. Even better, there is no recovery time, and this therapy is suitable for use on every type of skin. It is ideal for anyone looking for a better solution to his or her health issues or aging concerns.
The design of this low-level light therapy helps to manage a range of skin and pain conditions. It uses a device that emits light energy, which improves cell health. It accelerates the replenishment and repair of compromised tissue cells. Even better, it is FDA-CLEARED as a therapy for skin care and pain management.

How Does LED Therapy Work?
Light emitting diode therapy or LED therapy works by using different light wavelengths. It treats several skin problems while creating more youthful-looking skin. Blue and red lights are capable of fighting acne, reducing inflammation, and reversing signs of premature aging. Different light frequencies promote the growth of new collagen. This makes the skin smoother and fuller for a more youthful look. Blue light can also target the skin’s sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil. The light reduces the activity of the glands, which means acne is less likely to develop. Therefore, the skin will be clearer. Red light or infrared light targets the skin’s outer layer. This stimulates the growth of collagen to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve circulation.

What Benefits Can LED Therapy Offer?

LED therapy can offer a range of health and aesthetic benefits. These include:

  • Preventing and combating acne breakouts.
  • Reducing signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Decreasing inflammation and improving circulation.
  • Accelerating wound healing.

Is LED Therapy Safe?

There are no safety issues to worry about if you choose to have LED therapy. Treatments are noninvasive and painless with absolutely no downtime. After your treatment session, you can return immediately to your everyday activities. Also, the blue and red lights cause no harm to your skin. Unlike UV light, they don’t cause any burns or cancer-causing skin damage. Whatever kind of skin you have, you can benefit from this form of treatment. This makes LED therapy a very safe way of improving your complexion.

How Often Do I Need to Have LED Therapy?

The great news is that you’ll be able to see the results of your LED therapy after a single session! However, to get the best possible result, you should schedule a weekly treatment for several consecutive weeks. Every session only lasts 30 minutes. That makes LED therapy a speedy and efficient way of achieving radiant and healthy skin.

Do you want to improve your skin condition or acne or simply turn back the clock? If so, you can look more youthful during your lunch hour!


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